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Kings WorthyPrimary School

Y5 Spring 2 2023

Our second topic for the Spring term will be 'Sustainability' - an enquiry into how sustainable Kings Worthy is, and finding ways in which we can do more to help.   

Geography - Sustainability:

  • What eco schemes could we be a part of in school?
  • Which renewable energy source would be best for Kings Worthy and why?
  • What are local people able to recycle in Winchester compared to Devon?
  • Is Kings Worthy as sustainable as it could be as a community?

  Science - Properties of Materials:

  • What are the different properties of materials: hardness, solubility, conductivity and magnetism?
  • What different types of conductivity are there and which materials are best?
  • Which materials are best to:
    • create food packaging to seal in heat?
    • clean a dirty surface?
    • prepare food?


  • Write our own commentary to The Majestic Plastic Bag mockumentary film using different cohesive devices and figurative language.
  • Creating a poem to showcase nature in and around our school based on the poetry within A Poem for Every Day of the Year by Allie Esiri.
  • The Spring term also offers children to opportunity to take part in the annual 500 words competition where they can let their imagination run wild as they create their own short story.


  • Multiplication and Division: revision of factors, multiples, cube, prime and square numbers. Learning to multiply all number up to 2-digit by 4-digit (e.g. 2876 x 23), including division of numbers up to 4-digits by 1-digit (e.g. 3865 ÷ 4), and continued application through problem-solving techniques.
  • Area and Perimeter: measuring and calculating the area and perimeter of rectangles, rectilinear and irregular shapes using squares and the correct unit of measurement.
  • Fractions: equivalent fractions; conversions from mixed numbers and improper fractions; comparing fractions, including mixed numbers and improper fractions; adding and subtracting mixed numbers, improper fractions and a mixture or both; multiplying all fractions by a whole number; and finding different fractions of amounts. This learning will continue into Spring 2.


  • We will be using animation software to design and create our own animations to promote sustainability in the Kings Worthy community, drawing attention to schemes we can be involved in.
  • E-safety: Safer Internet Day activities.

Art - Printing:

  • Respond to the nature artwork of Johanna Basford and Este Macleod, analysing different techniques and using drawing, collage, textiles and printing to design their own large scale print as a final piece.

Music - Rap:

  • Listen and respond to different songs within the rap genre and creating their own 'Eco-rap' about a sustainability topic of their choice using a structured rhythm.


  • Our PE days will continue to be on a Monday (indoor) and Friday (outdoor).
  • Outdoor: Outdoor Adventurous Activity (orienteering).
  • Indoor: Wall Bars and Gymnastics.

RE - Stewardship and Creation:

  • Our RE learning will take place on TBC.
  • What does stewardship mean, and how do we show stewardship in our everyday lives?
  • Analyse and evaluate this concept within different creation stories, and caring for our world.

PSHE - Keeping safe and managing risks:

  • Our PSHE learning will take place on TBC.
  • How to keep safe online and at home, including what can happen when somebody goes missing