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Kings Worthy Primary School


The School opens for children from 8.45am with all pupils expected to be in school, in their classrooms for formal registration at 8.55am. The School day finishes at 3.30pm.  The School opens for teaching on a normal week for 32.15 hours a week.

Further to the letter from Hampshire County Council sent in March 2015, the changes to Hampshire’s attendance procedures came into place on 1 September 2015.  As this is Hampshire County Council policy, it is anticipated that all Hampshire schools will be adhering to it. Hampshire County Council have also advised schools to communicate with each other where siblings are in different schools.  We strongly advise that you read these procedures and make yourself familiar with the attendance requirements. The Governors have approved an Attendance Policy (found on our policies page) which reflects these procedures. 

When a child is absent from school and no notification has been received, we will telephone all contact numbers for that child, in the order notified by the parent, until we make contact with someone and obtain an explanation for the child’s absence. If the contact does not pick up, a voicemail message will be left where possible. If by 10am we have not managed to speak to any of the contacts provided, the Senior Leadership Team will make a decision about further action. This will range from making a record but no further action, to making a home visit, to contacting the Police. It is therefore very important that you contact the school office and leave a message on each day of your child’s absence from school.

A Hampshire County Council leaflet on penalty notices sent to parents in February 2019 can be read online here.

Further information on attendance and the impact of absence is available at

For national guidance, please refer to:Parental responsibility measures for behaviour and attendance’ which covers legal measures for non-attendance.

Application form to request authorised absence (exceptional circumstances)