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Kings WorthyPrimary School

Online Safety at Kings Worthy

Safer Internet Day 2023 - Tuesday 7th February 

As a school, we joined up to 170 countries in celebrating Safer Internet Day 2023. This included activities and assemblies around the theme 'Want to talk about it?'. It would be great for you to get involved and continue those conversations, or have a go at some of the activities below at home.

Key Stage 1 Key Stage 2

App Recommend - a survey style sheet where you can find out what websites and app your children would recommend and why!

Tech or no tech - a questionnaire where you can share ideas about which activities should be online and which can be done offline as well.

How well do you know me? - find out how you would all react in different situations using these multiple choice question cards.

Online safety at Kings Worthy is integrated through our computing, PSHE and safeguarding commitments. We intend to prepare children for a modern world where our use of technology and media is constantly changing. This is achieved through: making children aware of online media; teaching about the positives of using technology in our every day life; equipping them with the strategies to ask for help and recognise the dangers of the increased use and availability of this.

Children are becoming more frequent users of laptops, tablets and phones they will be using apps, websites and social media attached to these. It is therefore important that we have conversations about safe usage in school and at home. Working with children, instead of locking away technology, is the most beneficial approach to being safe online as it will mean children are more likely to talk to trusted adults for help and support about their internet usage. 

Below you will find many useful links and documents that can support you at home with online safety:

Information and Help Websites:     

KS1 Think U Knowuseful articles, websites and games for children and parents.

KS2 Think U Know - useful articles, websites and games for children and parents.

Childnet - website with resources and articles to support conversations about online safety with new trends.

Internet Mattersparental and family support online including: specific online issues (cyberbullying and screen time); information on setting controls; online guides and resources.

Childnet Talking about Online Safety - talking about technology at home instead of locking it away.  This document outlines some ways of approaching online safety discussions at home. 

ParentZone Libraryan online library with information on the latest apps, websites and games explaining what these are, why children use them and what they might see.

Lurking Trolls - a creative story about potential online safety issues told through stories. This resource includes audiobook and cartoons. Year 3 will receive copies of the book in the coming weeks!


Online Guides:   

Vodafone Digital Parenting Guide 2022 (updated version will be out in January 2023)

NSPCC Online Games Guide

NSPCC Livestream and Video App Guide

NSPCC Inappropriate Content Guide NSPCC Parental Control Guide


Parental Controls:

Apple Guide to Parental ControliPhone, iPad and other Apple products.

Internet Matters Parental Controlsdownloadable guides on parental controls (including social media, gaming, search engines and smartphones).


Apps and Guidance:

OurPactparental controls app for iPhone.

Famisafe - parental controls app for Android.


Sign-up Newsletters:

ParentZone Newsletter for Parents - sign up for an online safety newsletter including advice and information.

National Online Safety Twitter Account - they share a weekly poster related to an online safety topic e.g. cyberbullying, TikTok and other up-to-date apps and websites.


If you have any questions or queries regarding online safety, please do not hesitate to contact Mr Rule (computing lead) or a member on our Senior Leadership Team through our admin email address.