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Kings WorthyPrimary School

Y5 Autumn 1 2022

Our first topic is 'Raiders, Traders, Invaders' – a historical study of the Anglo-Saxon and Viking era (793AD - 1066AD).


  • What do objects from the past tell us about the people who lived at that time?
  • Who were the Saxons/Vikings? When and why did they come to Britain? Where did they settle?
  • Where the Vikings raid? How did they trade? Why did they invade?
  • What was everyday life like for a Viking?
  • Who was Alfred? Was he really great?
  • What happened at the Battle of Hastings?


  • Using Michael Morpurgo's text Beowulf as a stimulus for saga writing, focusing on describing settings, characters and atmosphere. 
  • Writing a Saxon kennings poem to describe a battle scene in Beowulf, with a focus on using figurative language and hyphens to create two-word phrases.
  • Writing a non-chronological report about a dragon (based on Dragonology by Dugald Steer) and using correct organisational features to structure the text and guide the reader.


  • Revision and recap of problem-solving strategies to get ready for Year 5 learning.
  • Place Value: reading, writing and comparing numbers up to 1 million; tenths and hundredths; negative numbers.
  • Addition and Subtraction: formal addition methods for up to 4-digits, rounding, multi-step problems and using the inverse operation.

Science - Forces: 

  • Exploring different forces including: gravity, air resistance, water resistance and friction.
  • The impact of gears, pulleys and levers on creating a larger force or moving larger objects.
  • Investigating a hypothesis using scientific enquiry skills.
  • Applying accurate scientific vocabulary to investigations.


  • Investigating how a computer works as a system, including inputs, outputs and processes.
  • Using Scratch to generate kennings poems using coding.
  • E-safety: understanding the importance of not sharing personal information online.

Art - Textiles:

  • Study the work of Grayson Perry to create a class tapestry inspired by the Bayeux Tapestry and Victoria Villasana.

Music - Viking Rock:

  • Listen and respond to Viking inspired music, and perform their own lyrical poem.


  • Our PE days are on a Monday (indoor) and Friday (outdoor).
  • Outdoor: Tag Rugby.
  • Indoor: Rhythmic Gymnastics.

RE - Belonging:

  • Our RE day will be on 17.10.22.
  • The first two pillars of Islam: Shahada and Salat.
  • How we the pillars of Islam show belonging for Muslims, and how we can show belonging in our lives.

PSHE - Physical well-being in the media:

  • Our PSHE day will be on 20.10.22.
  • Messages in the media can be misleading, including food adverts, role models and image manipulation.