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Kings WorthyPrimary School






School uniform contributes not only to pupils’ sense of belonging, but also their positive attitude to learning. Children wearing smart school uniform is also something that is often commented on by visitors and reinforces the high expectations we have of children when they are in school. 

When it is not their PE day, please ensure the children are dressed in our uniform, including suitable black shoes (not trainers). Upper garments may be with or without the school logo. All items of school clothing need to be clearly and permanently marked with the owner's name.


  • Grey/black skirt or pinafore (no leggings underneath) or grey/black trousers
  • Green check or striped dress in summer
  • White shirt / white polo shirt / school polo shirt with logo
  • Green cardigan or sweatshirt with logo / plain bottle green cardigan or jumper
  • Plain white or grey socks or grey/green/black tights


  • Grey/black trousers (shorts in summer)
  • White shirt / white polo shirt / school polo shirt with logo
  • Green sweatshirt with logo / plain bottle green jumper
  • Plain dark socks

P.E. Kit: 

A school PE t-shirt in house colours (Arundel - yellow, Carisbrooke - red, Portchester - purple, Windsor - blue), white/navy/black shorts, socks and plimsolls / trainers.  

During the winter months, children can wear long navy or black leggings or tracksuit trousers. PE kit should be worn on days when the child's class has PE. Trainers/plimsolls should be kept in school and changed into before the lesson.

Uniform Orders:

Our full range of uniform and PE kit (including PE t-shirts in house colours) can be ordered online for home delivery from SkoolKit who also have shops in Eastleigh and Basingstoke.

The PTFA also has a stock of second-hand clothing which is available at their 'Smarties' clothes sale, please contact them via the school office if there is a particular item of clothing you are looking for or look out for the next sale dated advertised on the calendar.

Protective clothing:

For certain activities, children should wear some form of "overall" to protect their school clothes - a waterproof apron or an old shirt, suitably shortened, should be adequate.


It is obviously sensible that this should not be worn in school.  Children must be responsible for watches if worn.   If a child has pierced ears, then only studs are acceptable and they should be able to remove earrings for PE independently. Alternatively please supply your child with a box of plasters to be kept in their PE bag, so that they can cover up their earrings.

Book Folders

A green book bag with the school logo is available from SkoolKit.

School bags:

The children have lockers (Y3-6) or storage units under the pegs to help the children to keep their belongings tidy and easy to find, and also keep the corridors tidy.  It would be helpful if you would ensure that your child’s bag is no bigger than 400mm wide and 300mm deep (small backpack size) so that it fits into the unit.