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Kings WorthyPrimary School

Staff 2022-2023

We are proud of our staff base here at Kings Worthy Primary School, and below you will find profiles for all staff who support the children in school. This includes our Senior Leadership Team, Classroom Teaching Staff and Learning Support Assistants, as well as Admin, Site and Kitchen Staff. 


  • Mr J. Dodson


  • Miss E. Eggleston

    Deputy Headteacher, Designated Safeguarding Lead

  • Mrs H. Morgan

    Assistant Headteacher, English Lead

  • Mrs A. Weatherup


  • Mrs C. Moore

    (Maternity Leave) Year 2 and 3 Phase Lead, Science Coordinator

  • Miss R. Conlen

    Year 2 and 3 Phase Leader, Year 3 Teacher, Science Coordinator

  • Mrs S. Smyth

    Year 4, 5 and 6 Phase Lead, Year 6 Teacher, Maths Lead

  • Mrs R. Cregan

    Business Manager

  • Benji

    School Dog

Teaching Staff

  • Miss R. Hynes

    Year R Teacher, RE Coordinator

  • Miss L. King

    Year R Teacher

  • Miss E. Roadnight

    Year 1 Teacher

  • Miss A. Hutchins

    Year 1 Teacher, Geography Coordinator

  • Miss K. Van Tuyl

    Year 2 Teacher

  • Miss C. Singleton

    Year 2 Teacher, History Coordinator

  • Miss E. Dabill

    Year 3 Teacher, Pupil Voice Coordinator

  • Mrs G. Smallwood

    Year 4 Teacher, Art Coordinator

  • Mr J. Brewster

    Year 4 Teacher, PE Coordinator

  • Mr O. Rule

    Year 5 Teacher, Computing Lead

  • Miss M. Aplin

    Year 5 Teacher, Outdoor Learning Coordinator

  • Mrs R. Cowling

    Year 6 Teacher, DT Coordinator

  • Mrs S. Coleman

    KS1 Recovery Teacher, PSHE Coordinator

  • Mrs C. O'Sullivan

    Lower KS2 Recovery Teacher, Music Coordinator, Trainee Teacher Coordinator

  • Mrs K. Rickman

    Upper KS2 Recovery Teacher, Outdoor Learning Coordinator

  • Mr A. Watton

    Pupil Premium Coordinator

  • Mrs L. Atkins

    PPA Teacher, Library Coordinator

  • Mrs N. Sibbons

    PPA Teacher, Library Coordinator

  • Mrs V. Anning

    PPA Teacher

  • Mrs A. Miller

    PPA Teacher, French Coordinator

Pastoral Team

  • Miss L. Shuff

    Pastoral and Thrive Coordinator

  • Mrs S. Heathcote-Hobbins

    Emotional Support Worker

  • Mrs E. Stewart

    Emotional Literacy Support Assistant (ELSA), LSA

Support Staff

  • Mrs L. Williams

    Dyslexia Support, HLTA, Breakfast Club

  • Mrs E. Silvester


  • Mrs F. Haydon


  • Mrs L. Rolfe


  • Mrs C. Mitchell


  • Miss A. Miller


  • Mrs C. Chinn


  • Mrs K. Grosvenor-Jones


  • Miss N. Collis

    LSA, Breakfast Club

  • Mrs S. Gemmill


  • Mrs J. Griffiths


  • Mrs S. Evans


  • Mr A. Potter


  • Mrs B. Harkay


  • Miss M. Cooper


  • Mr S. Lovegrove


  • Mrs E. Griffin


  • Mrs C. Butler


Admin Team

  • Miss K. Brash

    Admin Officer

  • Miss E. Clarke

    Admin Assistant

  • Mrs M. Jones

    Admin Assistant

Site Team

  • Mr C. Carr

    Site Manager

  • Mr E. Barnes

    Site Assistant

Extended Provision

  • Miss T. Gelder

    Breakfast and After School Club, Lunchtime Assistant

  • Miss S. Baldwin

    Breakfast and After School Club

  • Mrs P. Jones

    After School Club

  • Miss K. Thorpe

    After School Club

  • Miss C. Thorpe

    After School Club, Kitchen Assistant

  • Miss I. Dolby

    After School Club

Lunchtime Staff

  • Mrs T. Westbrook

    Lunchtime Assistant

  • Mrs A. Stonier

    Kitchen Manager