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Kings Worthy Primary School

Y5 Spring 1 2019

Topic 3: Eco-Heroes  

For the first part of the spring term, we'll be focusing on geography and maps through our Eco-Heroes topic.  We'll be 'travelling' to different continents and countries, learning where these are in the world and trying to find some eco-heroes along the way:
•    How can we recycle and reuse different materials?
•    Where does our food come from?  How far has it travelled?  What is Fair Trade?
•    Which countries reuse and recycle materials?  What do they produce?
•    How much energy do we use in school?
•    How do our school solar panels produce energy?
•    How can we reduce or improve our use of natural resources?


Poetry – focusing on figurative language.  We'll be finding out about different types of figurative language such as similes, metaphors, personification, alliteration, assonance, hyperbole, oxymoron, onomatopoeia and idioms. We'll be reading and listening to poems, then writing and performing our own poems using figurative language.    
Persuasion and advice - We'll be looking at different types of writing that tries to persuade us to adopt a particular viewpoint then writing our own persuasive text.


Fractions - comparing, converting, adding, subtracting and finding fractions of quantities, using decimal numbers and percentages. Shape – transforming shapes through reflection, rotation and translation.  Measurement - converting between metric and imperial units.   Statistics - reading and drawing bar and line graphs.  Number: Counting, reading, writing and ordering numbers to at least 1,000,000, counting forwards and backwards in positive and negative numbers, reading Roman numerals.  Calculation: adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing numbers using a written method.  Tables facts - knowing all tables facts to 12 x 12 from memory and using these to work out division facts e.g. if 7x8=56, then 56÷8=7.  

IT: We have IT twice a week and also have access to laptops in class during the mornings. We'll be developing our animation skills and creating a short stop-go animation using 2Animate.

Art:  Creating art from unwanted and recycled materials.

DT / Music: Scrap Music - creating a junk orchestra with instruments made from recycled materials and using these to add percussion accompaniment to a song and a rap.

RE: Looking at the concept of stewardship through creation stories, finding out what Muslims and Christians believe about creation and how this influences their lives.

PE:  Outdoor PE is on Tuesday afternoons with Mrs Taylor.  We’ll be continuing with the Golden Mile so please have full kit including trainers available in school at all times. Indoor PE: 5K – Friday, 5B – Tuesday.

French:  Weekly lesson with Mme Miller on Tuesdays

Home Learning: We’re challenging the children to ‘make one change’ to their usual lifestyle for their
home learning. This could involve any aspect of being an Eco Hero (e.g. reduce / re-use / recycle /
repair) and could be presented in art, craft, photographs or pictures, video clip or a presentation to
show what they’ve done. Please could these be brought into school on Thursday 14 February
so that we can photograph them ready for Parent Sharing at 3pm on Friday 15 February.