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Kings WorthyPrimary School

Home Learning

Home learning is an opportunity for parents to be directly involved in their child's learning. 

The frequency and length of tasks varies according to the needs and age of the children and will not necessarily be of a 'pencil and paper' nature. We aim to make activities relevant and they will usually complement work that has been introduced in class. We know that many children take part in a wide range of activities outside school from piano lessons to canoeing! We wholeheartedly recognise the value of these activities and want children of primary school age to have time to enjoy them. 

Our homework policy sets out our expectations for learning at home. 

What you might expect your child to do at home:

Year R  - share books for enjoyment, practise letter sounds, simple spelling and number facts.  Our library is open every until 4pm each day and children are encouraged to join our 'Worthy 10' Challenge. 
Y1/2  - read at least five times per week, practise spellings, learn number pairs (e.g. 3+7=10, 13-9=4) and multiplication facts, complete maths homework and research information for the class topic.

Y3-6 - read at least five times per week, practise spellings, achieve instant recall of multiplication facts to 12 x 12, complete maths / English homework, practise skills using online activities linked from the school website, complete a project linked to the class topic three times per year.

Handwriting:  We teach the children to develop joined writing using this letter formation.  Handwriting homework is set in Year 1 and on an individual basis for those children in Years 2-6 who need extra practice to develop fluent joined writing.

MyMaths: Each child in Key Stage 2 has their own login for MyMaths which can be accessed from home or school.  This website gives visual demonstrations of different aspects of maths and children can revise topics covered in class by watching the online lessons, or practise specific tasks set by their teacher as homework.

PurpleMash:  All children have their own login for PurpleMash.  It can be accessed from home by clicking on the logo in the relevant Links menu and has many games and activities to practise skills begun in school.

Website Links:  Links to external websites are provided for each age group and can be accessed from the Our Learning / Links menu at the bottom of each page.  Links to school-related and local sites are also available for parents.

Maths Calculation Progression: Download a copy of the maths skills progression for addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.  This document outlines the different steps in learning each of these calculation skills that will be taught from Year R to Year 6.