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Kings WorthyPrimary School

Y6 Summer 1 & 2 2021

Topic 5 & 6:  Eureka - Ancient Greece

Our topic for the final term of Year 6 is a history-led study. The children will:

  • Learn where Ancient Greece fits in the chronology of time periods studied
  • Examine how Greek geography influenced the growth of city-states, and the differences between Athens and Sparta
  • Understand how democracy developed and what it means to be democratic
  • Think about how modern events can have connections with the past


• Reading - revision of strategies used to answer questions about texts
• Reading a range of Greek myths and identifying common themes
• Re-writing Greek myths from the viewpoint of one of the characters
• Revision and application of spelling rules and patterns within writing


• Revision of the content and strategies taught throughout Y6 in preparation for Y7.

• Clay work and drawing linked to Ancient Greek pottery and mythical creatures,

• Modern democracy and different forms of government linked  to rule in Ancient Greece

• Ancient Greek Olympic events
• Striking and fielding games