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Kings Worthy Primary School

Y6 Spring 1 2019

Topic 3: A Land Of Fire and Ice

Our topic this term is a geography-lead study of Iceland and a small island called Hiemaey. The children will:

• Find out where it is in relation to the rest of Europe
• Learn about the physical landscape and why particular geographical features occur here
• Learn how the physical environment affects the lives of the people who live there
• Compare the human and physical geography to other countries in Europe and to our own local environment
• Use a range of resources to draw conclusions and make suggestions about life there and how this might have changed over the years
• Consider the economic activity of the place and the importance of the local environment

* Discrete teaching of grammar and punctuation
* Use of grammar and punctuation for effect within narrative writing
* Awareness of audience and writing to entertain
* Continued weekly spellings and application of spelling rules and patterns within writing
* Guided reading sessions focused on response and understanding of text
* Independent reading focused on positive attitudes to reading, reading stamina and exploration of a range of genres

• Mental calculation strategies
• Converting units of measurement using decimal notation
• Ratio and proportion
• Expressing missing number problems algebraically
• Geometry – position and direction
• Naming parts of a circle

Pen and ink / water colour observational drawing

Composition and performance- creating our own compositions, using notation to record these and percussion and tuned instruments to perform

Gymnastics - both classes on Wednesday afternoon
Netball - 6E on Monday afternoon and 6R on Friday afternoon