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Kings Worthy Primary School

Y6 Autumn 2 2018

Topic 2: ‘Up the Chimneys and Down the Mines’


  • Placing the Victorian era in relation to other periods studied
  • Experiencing a typical Victorian school day through role play
  • Exploring the lives of Victorian children – including child labour
  • Researching and discussing the place of Victorian workhouses
  • Learning about some famous Victorians and their legacy
  • Using a range of sources and information to draw conclusions about aspects of Victorian life
  • Understanding how our view of the past is influenced by the evidence we use


‘Street Child’ will be our key text this half term. We will be using this story as a stimulus to write:

  • A persuasive letter from a character’s point of view
  • A balanced argument
  • A descriptive narrative


  • Strategies for mental calculation
  • Fractions – finding equivalents, 4 operations with fractions and finding fractions of amounts
  • Finding percentages of  amounts
  • Explore the relationship between fractions, decimals and percentages in real life problems and making links between these
  • Perimeter and area of regular and compound shapes (area of circles for some)


  • To compare and give reasons for variations in how components in electrical circuits function
  • •  To  identify and use the correct symbols for electrical components within  circuit diagrams
  • Investigate how light travels and how shadows are formed

Coding- Using Kodu to make a simple game for 2 players

Design and sew ‘samplers’ inspired by Victorian examples

Exploring the work of Victorian composers and performing songs from the Victorian music hall


  • Hockey
  • Circuits and fitness