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Kings WorthyPrimary School

Y5 Spring 1 2023

Our first topic for the Spring term will be 'Potions'.

Our exciting trip to Harry Potter, Warner Bros. Studios will be confirmed closer to the time! 

Science - Changes in Materials:

  • In Spring 1 we launch this topic with a workshop from secondary science teachers thinking about how to make polluted water ready to drink again.
  • How can materials be changed by processes that are man-made?
  • What is solubility, and what is the difference between solutions and mixtures?
  • How can mixtures be separated using evaporation, filtration and sieving techniques?
  • Which changes are reversible and irreversible in cooking?


  • We will be using J.K Rowling's Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone throughout our English learning this term to inspire our work using relative clauses, parenthesis and different sentence structures. This will include children creating:
    • a Howler to another character in the Harry Potter books.
    • their own spin-off fantasy story within the same multiverse.
    • an informative encyclopedia page about their own magical object.


  • Fractions: equivalent fractions; conversions from mixed numbers and improper fractions; comparing fractions, including mixed numbers and improper fractions; adding and subtracting mixed numbers, improper fractions and a mixture or both; multiplying all fractions by a whole number; and finding different fractions of amounts. This learning will continue into Spring 2.
  • Decimals and Percentages: understanding decimal formation, decimals as fractions, rounding and ordering decimals; thinking about percentages, what these are and what they represent, and converting between fractions, decimals and percentages.

History - The Earliest Civilisations:

  • What are the earliest civilisations of the world, where did they live, and what were their main advances?
  • What were the main events in the Shang Dynasty and when did these happen?
  • What is meant by 'social heirarchy' and how was this present in the Shang Dynasty?
  • Who held the power during the Shang Dynasty?
  • Why was Lady Fu Hao important during the Shang Dynasty?


  • We will be using different software (Word, PowerPoint, Purple Mash) to edit and change the look of images using tools such as cropping, colour changing, hue and saturation. This will end is the creation of an Op Art image in the style of Bridget Riley.
  • E-safety: Image manipulation and the impact of this.

Art - Sculpture

  • Design and create our own sorting hat (from Harry Potter), based on a range of products from home and Milliners, to use in a Year 5 sorting hat ceremony.

Music - Melodic Palindromes:

  • Create and note their own melodic palindrome, based on the A Boa A Qu, for their own magical beast.


  • Our PE days will continue to be on a Monday (indoor) and Friday (indoor).
  • Outdoor: Quidditch.
  • Indoor: Zumba.

RE - The Empty Cross:

  • Our Spring 2 RE learning will take place on TBC.
  • What does The Empty Cross represent for Christians?
  • How does resurrection show belief and hope, and how does this impact our lives?

PSHE - Dealing with feelings:

  • Our Spring 2 PSHE learning will take place on TBC.
  • How do we show different emotions, how can this change, and what feelings can be present after a loss or bereavement?