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Kings Worthy Primary School

Y5 Autumn 1 2018

Topic 1:  Raiders, Traders, Invaders    

Downloadable overview

For the first part of the autumn term, we’ll be learning about life from the Anglo-Saxons to the Vikings and trying to answer some of these questions:

  • What do objects from the past tell us about the people who lived at that time?
  • Why did the Romans leave Britain?
  • Who were the Saxons? When and why did they come to Britain? Where did they settle?
  •  How did beliefs change during the time of the Saxons?
  • Who were the Vikings? Where did they come from?  Why did they invade and settle in Britain?
  • What was everyday life like for a Viking?
  • Who was Alfred? Was he really great?
  • What happened at the Battle of Hastings?
  • Was it better to live in Roman or Saxon times?

Literacy:   Poetry - Beowulf, finding descriptions and learning how to write a kenning.  Sagas – Reading different sagas and trying to magpie lots of ideas before writing our own.  Discussion Texts - reading texts to find points for and against an idea, then learning how to write a balanced argument.

The Y5 Spelling page has our spelling overview for the year and copies of weekly spellings.

Maths: Counting, reading, writing and ordering numbers to at least 1,000,000, counting forwards and backwards in negative numbers, reading Roman numerals, calculating and solving problems using addition, subtraction, multiplication and division, finding multiples, factors and prime numbers.  Tables facts - knowing all tables facts to 12 x 12 from memory and using these to work out division facts e.g. if 7x8=56, then 56÷8=7. Fractions – comparing and ordering fractions, using mixed and improper fractions, adding and subtracting fractions with the same denominator.  Geometry – drawing, comparing and measuring angles, identifying 3D shapes from 2D drawings.  Measuring – convert between different units, find area and perimeter, solve problems involving measurement.  Data - reading and interpreting tables including timetables.  'MyMaths' is used for some set homework tasks but also has many useful games for online home learning.

IT:  We have IT twice a week and also have access to laptops in class during the mornings. We'll be revising how to search the Internet safely and effectively to find information for our topic, and improving our coding skills using Scratch and 2Code.

Music:  In music, we’ll be learning songs with a Viking theme and adding accompaniments using tuned and untuned percussion.

PE:   Indoors on Tuesday (5B) or Friday (5K).   Outdoor PE on Wednesday afternoons - weather dependent so please have PE kit available in school at all times so we can make the most of dry weather!

RE: The Christian Story - Salvation.  What does salvation mean?  What does it mean to Christians?  Discussing the idea of rescue as shown in the lives and stories of Adam and Eve, Moses and Jesus.

French: Weekly lesson with Mme Miller on Wednesdays.