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Kings Worthy Primary School

Y4 Autumn 1 2019

Topic 1:  Tomb Raiders!

For the first part of the Autumn Term, we’ll be learning about life in Ancient Egypt and trying to answer some of these questions:

  • Who were the Ancient Egyptians? Where did they live?
  • What did the Ancient Egyptians believe?
  • What was everyday life like for an Ancient Egyptian?
  • Who was Howard Carter and why is he famous?
  • Why was the River Nile so important?



Biographical texts - reading and writing biographies of famous people.

Explanation texts – explaining how to mummify a body!



Counting, reading, writing and ordering numbers to at least 9,999, counting forwards and backwards in steps of different sizes, calculating and solving problems using addition and subtraction, rounding numbers to the nearest whole number, 10, 100 or 1000. 

Addition and subtraction working towards using formal methods.

Tables facts- knowing all tables facts to 12 x 12 from memory and using these to work out division facts e.g. if 7x8=56, then 56÷8=7. 



States of matter (solids, liquids and gases).



Using publisher to develop graphics, editing and text skills.



Composing our own Ancient Egyptian chant to honour the Gods using various percussion instruments.



Designing and creating Ancient Egyptian shadufs.


Comparing Ancient Egyptian death rituals/ceremonies to Christian ceremonies.



Indoor PE - gymnastics

Outdoor Games - tag rugby