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Kings WorthyPrimary School

Y3 Spring 2 2022

Topic 4:  Water World

Our topic for Spring 2 is ‘Water’. The children will be learning about the uses of water and the importance of saving it. They will learn about the Water Cycle and about the features and locations of rivers using maps. The children will complete a water challenge where in groups, they have to use a range of different materials to try and clean a bucket of muddy water as best they can!

English – We will begin the term looking at the text Varmints by Helen Ward, which explores the destruction of nature. Children will make comparisons between what is happening in the text and the modern world and they will write descriptions of the different settings. Children will work up to writing a leaflet to inform the next generation of Varmints about how to look after the environment and about the plant life cycle.

Maths – The children will be looking at measures involving length and perimeter. They will measure accurately using a range of equipment and will calculate the perimeter of a range of shapes. They will then move onto learning about fractions and finding fractions of objects and amounts.

Geography – We will be focussing on rivers around the world, looking at different parts of a river and where the largest and longest rivers in the world are. The children will be using maps to learn about the location of rivers and about their features. We will also have a school trip to explore the different sections of a river and its geographical features.

PE – The children will be doing Tag Rugby and Gymnastics this half term.

Art – The children will be looking at the work of Monet and David Hockney and using watercolours to re-create their own work using these styles.

PSHE – Identity, society and equality including learning about community and belonging.

RE – This half term the children will be learning about the significance of ‘Water’ as a symbol in the bible and how rivers are used in religious customs.

Music – The children will be using a range of instruments to create water sounds. They will learn about pitch, tempo and texture.

Computing – This half term the children will be using a program called Email Detectives. Children will also use Stop/Go animation to create an animation of the Water Cycle.