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Kings Worthy Primary School

Y3 Spring 1 2019

Topic 3:  Rise of the Robots

Our topic this half term is ‘Rise of the Robots’ with a focus on the text 'The Iron Man' by Ted Hughes. The children will mysteriously find some robot parts in the grounds and will try to work out where they might have come from and who they might belong to. The children will then receive a letter from Ratchet the robot who will endeavour to help the children with their writing and hopefully clear up some of the mysteries!

English – We will begin the term looking at Instruction writing. The children will learn how to write an effective set of instructions ensuring they use the appropriate features. They will write instructions for some everyday activities and at the end of the unit will write instructions for how to put the Iron Man back together. We will then plan and write our own adventure stories, with a robot as a main character, based on ideas from the Iron Man.

Maths – We will start by focusing on multiplication and division (mental and written) with an emphasis on times tables before moving onto money problems and statistics.

Science – The children will be learning about magnets and their properties. They will plan and carry out an investigation to see what materials are magnetic and how magnetism can be useful. They will also learn about friction.

PE – The children will continue to practise and develop their ball control skills in outdoor games and in PE will choreograph and perform a robot dance in a small group.

Art – The children will be improving their observational drawing skills. They will begin by sketching parts of a robot and through peer discussion and support they will spend several sessions editing and improving it.

DT – The children will be using their knowledge of magnets to design and create a robot board game for a Year R child. They will need to design, make and evaluate the game.

SMSC/British Values –This half term the children will learn about the importance of recycling and how important sustainability is.

RE – The children will learn about important symbols for Christians.

Music – The children will create their own ‘Stomp’ style music using a range of instruments to accompany their robot creation.

Computing – This half term the children will learn how to program Beebots with sets of instructions to make them move.