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Kings WorthyPrimary School

Y3 Autumn 1 2021

Topic 1:  Deadly 60

During this half term we are going to be learning all about the animal kingdom, big and small. We will be thinking about habitats, food chains, bodies and special abilities. We will use the internet and a wide range of texts in order to research the many different animals that exist in the global environment. Our topic ‘Entry Point’ will be to go on an outdoor adventure, discovering lots of different minibeasts in the woodland area! There will also be a visit from ‘Jungle Jonathan’! 

This half term we will be assessing the children to identify gaps for our children after lockdown. We will be incorporating consolidation of some year 2 objectives, as well as moving on to year 3 learning.

  • Our first text this half term is 'Bug Wars', we will be researching and describing one of the minibeasts in the text. Our outcome for this unit of work will be writing instructions for on how to give one of these deadly creatures a bath, inspired by our parallel text 'How To Wash A Woolly Mammoth'. The children will use their knowledge of these creatures to add warnings and humour to their instructions.
  • Our second text is 'An Anthology of Intriguing Animals', which we will be reading to inspire us when creating and describing our own creatures. Our final piece will be writing our own detailed non-chronological report on a fictional animal. 
  • Our third text for the term is 'Deadly 60', we will be using a range of texts form the deadly 60 range to inform our discussion piece titled 'Are they really deadly?' where we will be  exploring two opposing viewpoints and concluding with our own opinions.
  • There will be an emphasis on spelling, particularly focussed on spelling KS1 essential spellings correctly, and also handwriting with children working towards achieving their pen permits.
  • Our English lessons this year will include aspects of spelling, grammar, punctuation, reading and writing.


This half term we will be doing lots of assessment and problem solving to look at where the gaps are for our children after online learning, then we will be consolidating any gaps before moving on with year 3 learning. Areas we will be focussing on include:

  • Place value and partitioning.
  • Fractions
  • Multiplication and division
  • Addition and subtraction – The focus for this half term is on mental and written strategies.


Our Science work this term is also based on animals.  We will be using what we have learnt about the creatures in our Deadly 60 topic in order to group and sort them according to diet, food chains and skeletal structure. We will also be looking at what makes a healthy diet.

We are going to be developing our sketching, collaging and printing skills to create our own work inspired by Lucy Arnold. 

Games – Football
PE – Rock 'n' Roll - to 'Jailhouse Rock' by Elvis Presley

We will learn about creating animations, We will use Pivot to make a stop-go animation and also 2Create a Super Story on Purple Mash to make some animations to go with our writing.

Making choices. We will be looking at the story of Jesus in the Wilderness and be discussing the meaning of Temptation and what that means for Christians.

We are creating our own wild creature soundscape, using percussion instruments and our voices.