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Kings WorthyPrimary School

Y1 Spring 1 2020

Topic 3 - Memory Box

For the first half of the Spring term we will be using our toy topic to help us with our history. We will be thinking and learning about:

History of toys:
* Identifying similarities and differences between ways of life in different periods.
* Comparing old and new toys.
* Ordering toys on a timeline from oldest to newest.

Literacy:   We will be writing simple sentences and learning about what makes a good sentence, including adding capital letters, finger spaces and full stops. We will also begin to punctuate sentences using a questions mark and beginning to spell words using contracted forms e.g. don’t. Over this half term, we will be writing in different contexts such as writing our own narrative poems in the style of Peepo, and writing instructions for a toy.

Phonics: We will have daily phonics lessons and follow the Read, Write Inc programme. This half term we will be introducing the children to the phonics screening. We will be revising set 2 sounds and learning set 3 sounds.

Number - Counting forwards and backwards in 2's, 5's and 10's. Representing and using number bonds and related facts within 20. Solving one step problems including multiplication.
Measure - Comparing, describing and solving practical problems for mass and weight using non-standard and standard units.
Fractions – Recognising, finding and naming a half as one of two equal parts of an object, shape or quantity.

IT:  We have IT in the IT suite and also have access to laptops in class during the mornings. We will be practising logging on to the computers, practising mouse control and learning to type. We will be using programmes such as 2Publish+ and Tux Typing.

PE:   Indoors on Tuesday mornings. Outdoor PE on Monday afternoons - weather dependent so please have PE kit available in school at all times so we can make the most of dry weather!

Art: In our art lessons this half term we will be looking at Andy Warhol's pop art toy prints and building up the skills to create our own.

Music: This half term we will be thinking about dynamics and tempo and creating our own music for toys.