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Kings WorthyPrimary School

Trek to Tokyo



A note from the Hampshire School Games Organisers:

To commemorate the Tokyo 2020 Olympics which are no longer taking place this Summer, the Hampshire School Games Organisers (SGO’s) are challenging you to Trek to Tokyo!

This is a 6-week challenge for the Summer Holidays, asking you to complete daily physical activities and creative challenges throughout each week. Earn miles for each activity you take part in and record your daily miles on the chart as you trek your way across the globe to Tokyo. 

Every week there’ll be a new booklet for you to download from the Energise Me website containing different challenges for you to try and have a go at – get your family and friends involved too!

So, how far is it to Tokyo? It’s 5,991 miles from Hampshire to Tokyo! That means you need to travel 1,000 miles a week to reach Tokyo by the end of the summer.

What you can earn miles for:

  • Wake Up Shake Up activity – 40 miles
  • Daily Challenges – 40 miles
  • Ten Minute Filler – 40 miles
  • Active 30 minutes or Friday Gym or Dance activity – 60 miles
  • Weekly Cultural Fact Finder or Poster or Maths Challenge – 100 miles

Don’t worry if you miss a day, you can always double up activities another day, and of course the more active you are, the more miles you can earn and the quicker you will get to Tokyo.

Completing these activities everyday will help you meet the recommended daily levels of physical activity – 60 active minutes!

Certificates will be awarded for everyone that manages to reach the following milestones:

  • Bronze certificate for trekking 2,000 miles
  • Silver certificate for trekking 4,000 miles
  • Gold certificate for trekking 6,000 miles 

We’d love to see what your up to, so send us photos of you being active and of your artistic creations on social media:

Twitter: @HampshireSGO

Instagram: hampshiresgos

Facebook:  Hampshire SGO

We hope you enjoy the challenge and look forward to seeing what you’re up to!