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Kings Worthy Primary School

School Rules

BEST Behaviour

Our rules help the children to understand the behaviour that we expect at Kings Worthy Primary School.  We talk about 'being the best that we can be' across a wide range of times and places at school.  Whether it’s persevering in a lesson or being a caring class mate, the children know the behaviours that fit with our promise. Find out more in our downloadable 'BEST behaviour' leaflet.


We keep each other and our school safe

We are polite and kind to our friends, other children and adults.
We behave sensibly in and around our school.
We walk in the school.
We keep our hands and our feet to ourselves.
We use equipment sensibly and tidy up after ourselves.


We try to make sure that our school is a happy place for everyone

We think before we do.
We include others in our groups and games.
We try to cheer people up if they are feeling sad.
We take turns.





We know what we need to improve and how to do it

We make the best use of our learning time.
We listen when others are talking.
We make good choices.
We tell the truth.


We always try to be the best we can be

We concentrate on our learning.
We listen carefully to what we are asked to do.
We persevere with our learning.
We encourage each other to keep going.