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Kings Worthy Primary School

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When you watch our video, you will have seen that school will be a little bit different when you come back. You may still have some questions and hopefully some of these will be answered here.

You can ask the adult in your classroom if you are still unsure about anything and remember that all the adults are here to make you feel safe and happy.

When will I come back to school?

Some children have been able to come to school all the time and they will still be able to. The government have said that children in Rabbits, Hedgehogs, Year 1 and Year 6 can come back to school although some of these children may still stay at home. That is ok. When it is safe for everyone to come back we will be told. We can’t wait for this time!

What happens when I come to school in the morning on my first day?

Mr Dodson will have told the adult who looks after you at home which classroom you will be in. You will come to school through the gate at the front and walk round outside to the classroom where your group will be.

Who will be in my group?

The adults in school have had to split everybody into small groups for their learning. We have tried to make sure there are friends in your group who you get on with and who will help you with your learning.

Who will be my teacher?

All the teachers will have to take a group each so you may have a different teacher to normal. The teachers are very excited to be able to teach new children and get to know more of you even better!

What will my classroom look like?

You will have your own special chair and learning area in your classroom with all your own pens and pencils for you to use! If you are in Year 1 or above, you will keep your books in your tray in your place so you know where everything is and you can get it easily.

Will there be playtime?

Yes! Hopefully the sun will be shining brightly and you will be able to have playtime and lunchtime outside each day. Your teacher will tell you where you will have your playtime – you will have to stay in that area and only play with your group but you can have fun making up games and having a drink and a snack!

Where will I eat my lunch?

You will eat your lunch in your classroom! If you have a packed lunch you can bring it in. If you would like a school lunch you will be able to pick a hot lunch or a picnic lunch and have it delivered to your classroom – what great service!

What will happen at home time?

Mr Dodson will have told all the adults at home what time to drop you off and what time to pick you up. Your teacher will tell you when to get your stuff to go home and you will be able to meet who is picking you up from outside your classroom.

Will we get to do everything that we normally do in the summer term?

Sadly, we will have to do things a bit differently to normal this year and you may not be able to do the things your year group would normally do at this time of year. We know that this is frustrating and might make you angry or annoyed but the most important thing we can do now is to keep you safe.


We will all do the very BEST we can to help each other.

Remember to be a good friend, to try hard and to talk to an adult about any worries if you need to.