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Kings Worthy Primary School

Drama & Film

Strong Island Media worked with the Theatre Royal Winchester on the Centenary Film Project, working with young people from nine different schools located in and around Winchester, with over 200 pupils in total becoming young filmmakers. The pupils first conducted interviews with staff and friends of the Theatre Royal Winchester, collecting memories that could be used as inspiration for their short films. Each school then chose one or two key memories from their interviews and also memories collected from friends, family and even themselves of the theatre.

Over two days Strong Island Media worked with the groups to teach them the basics of filmmaking such as genre, generic conventions, shot language, animation and storyboarding, then worked with them to develop their script and storyboard. The second day was spent filming or animating their short films, recording voiceovers, special effects and music with the young people directing, recording sound, filming, acting as well as creating any props, animation characters & backgrounds and more.

All ten films were shown at the theatre at two special events celebrating the theatre's 100th year.

Kings Worthy's animation: