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Kings WorthyPrimary School

YR Spring Term 2023

The children have had a whole term to settle into school and we are so proud of all of them. Below is some information about what the children will be learning this term. 


Communication and Language

We will be learning to use the new vocabulary we have learnt throughout our day and begin to articulate our ideas into well-formed sentences. When we listen to our stories, we will practise retelling the story as well as engaging and asking questions. We will look at non-fiction books and share our new vocabulary and knowledge. We will also start to describe events in detail. 



As we develop our social skills and now that we have made lots of friends across the year group, we can begin to moderate our own feelings socially and emotionally. When we have a problem in our friendship group we can begin to resolve the problems ourselves fairly. Sometimes when we choose to do something and it is tricky it can be frustrating so we will practise showing resilience and perseverance in the face of challenge.


Physical Development

For the first half term our PE every Thursday will be gymnastics where we will be learning the five core shapes. We will begin to learn to put these into sequence too. 

After half term we will be learning dance. 

We continue to do Fidgety Fingers every day to help improve our fine motor skills.

We now have our lunch time breaks on the big playground so there is plenty of space for us to run around, practise moving around people and trying different games with our friends. 

We have access to a variety of equipment in our Reception outdoor area to help strengthen our muscles and improve our spatial awareness, including: wheeled vehicles and giant construction.


The children will continue to have the opportunity to change their reading books on a Monday, Wednesday and Friday.  

Our library slot continues to be on a Friday.  


We have daily phonics sessions which follows a systematic synthetic phonics programme to support their learning. We have now learnt all of the sounds for level 2 and we will continue to consolidate these in our daily phonics sessions. We will now begin to learn the new phonemes of level 3. If you would like more information on phonics then please go to our phonics page. 


The children continue to have access to a huge variety of mark making materials during their Discovery Learning time. Children can use all of these different writing implements throughout their play. For more information on mark making, please visit our mark making presentation

As the children become more confident and make progress with their pencil grip and writing we will support them in their letter formation. We will support children in writing labels and begin to apply their phonics understanding to writing sentences. 



The children will begin by consolidating their knowledge of triangles and circles and then learning about squares and rectangles, identifying similarities and differences between the two. They will then begin to build their confidence in identifying all numbers to 10 and look at adding two numbers together to find the total. While using practical resources, the children will be ordering and comparing objects according to their length, weight and capacity. They will also be learning about the days of the week and what they do at different points in each day. After half term, once the children are confident with their numbers to 10, they will start to compare numbers and investigate all the different ways they can make 10. Quick recall of all number facts within 10 is highly beneficial for children’s maths so any support you can give them with this at home is very useful. The children will then learn about 3D shapes and patterns, before ending the term learning to subtract within 10. 

Understanding the World

As lots of changes begin to happen in the world around us we will continue to observe these changes in our Woodland Walk. We will document these in different ways by describing what we see, hear and feel. We will celebrate different occasions and comment on images of familiar situations in the past. As we learn more from stories we will compare and contrast characters that we know, including figures from the past. We will look at places that are special to members of our community and recognise that people have different beliefs and celebrate special times in different ways. 


We will be learning about:

  • Learning from stories
  • Celebrating new life

Expressive Arts and Design

This term the children will be building on previous learning in particular learning to mix colours in order to paint a picture. They will also be exploring how to use watercolours effectively, as well as a range of other techniques such as printing and mark making using a variety of resources. 

The children will also learn about the artist Jackson Pollock and explore creating their own work in his style. Using a range of modelling materials children will learn how to join and attach materials together and start to consider how to improve the models they make.

Guides to using the Tapestry app and website can be downloaded from the links.