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Kings Worthy Primary School

Y6 Autumn 1 2023

Topic: Our first topic is 'Extreme USA' – a study of hurricanes, tornadoes and earthquakes, focused on the  USA and exploring the causes and impacts of these natural phenomena.

Key Questions for this unit:

  • Where on Earth is the USA?
  • What do I already know about this enormous country?
  • How does the geography of the USA change between the Pacific and Atlantic coasts?
  • What causes hurricanes, tornadoes and earthquakes and why do they affect some regions but not others?
  • How do people in the different areas of the USA prepare for these disasters and what is the human impact of these events?


  • Using maps to locate the countries of North America and to become familiar with the some of the states and the geography of the USA
  • Using a range of evidence to study the causes of hurricanes, tornadoes and earthquakes
  • Using case studies to focus on the human impact of these phenomena


  • Revision and extension of sentence level grammar; labelling and understanding different word types
  • Using guided reading sessions to explore ways in which authors use grammar structures for effect
  • Looking at discussion texts and presenting different points of view
  • Using hurricanes as a theme and stimulus for story writing, focusing on planning and structure to create  tension and suspense


  • Place Value - reading, writing, comparing numbers up to 10 million; decimals - tenths and hundredths
  • Revision of formal written methods of the four operations and the application of these in real life situations
  • Maths investigations and development of problem-solving skills

Science: Light

  • Explore the idea that light travels in straight lines
  • How do we see objects?
  • Plan and carry out scientific enquiries to investigate ideas about light, record and present findings 


  • Editing images to create Pop Art-style art
  • Use logical reasoning to explain how some simple algorithms work
  • Use MOTION, LOOKS, SOUND blocks in Scratch, to create and alter variables and to explore effects

Art: Pop Art

  • Study the work of Jasper John and Roy Lichenstein and produce art work in the style of these artists
  • Design 3D Letter sculptures in a Pop Art Style  

RE: Jesus as a leader

  • What does leadership mean?
  • Was Jesus an effective leader?
  • What is the value of Jesus’ leadership to Christians?
  • What is your experience of leadership?
  • How does leadership apply to my life and to other people’s lives?


  • Tag Rugby
  • Athletics