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Kings Worthy Primary School

Y4 Spring 2 2024

Topic 4: Ciao Bella!Premium Vector | Concept of travel to italy or studying italian. italian  flag with landmarks in open suitcase. flat design, vector illustration

For the second part of the Spring term, we’ll be learning about Italy. This will cover the following areas:
• Geography of Europe (Countries and capital cities)
• Focus on Italy
• Regions
• Mountains
• Rivers


We will be learning more about Italy and the children will then write their own city guides. This will then be followed by reading the Glassmaker’s Daughter and creating and performing play scripts of the tale


Fractions - fractions on a number line, converting mixed number to improper fractions, adding and subtracting fractions. 

Decimals - Tenths as decimals, tenths on a number line, divide 1- and 2-digit numbers by 100.

Remember, there is a Year 4 Times Tables Check after Easter. It is expected that all children will know their times tables up to and including 12x12 by the end of Year 4. Children will be given 25 questions and six seconds will be allowed for each question.


We will learn about the Physical geography of Europe, Italy and its regions.


Plant Reproduction.


We will look at Desktop publishing.


Making CAD nightlight.


We will be focusing on Hindu Rituals


Spring performance


Indoor PE will be Bootcamp. Outdoor games will be Outdoor and Adventurous Games.