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Kings Worthy Primary School

Daily Challenges 2023

In order to encourage sport, play and exercise at Kings Worthy, each class has a time tabled PE and Games session each and every week. In addition to this, we use a range of resources to involve the children in daily exercise. This includes: Brain Gym, Wake Up/Shake Up, Joe Wicks, Go Noodle, Super movers and Just Dance Kids. We use these before, during and after regular lessons to help the children keep focused and ensure they have the opportunity to move and exercise. This year, we will further develop this.

Each class, every month will display a new exercise poster in their classroom. The focus will change from aerobics to strength to flexibility. The poster will also be online for parents to use with their children at home. Only attempt the ones you're comfortable with. There are some fun Brain Gym tasks below too. Enjoy and get moving!