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Kings Worthy Primary School

Who we are

This page includes details of:

  • the current governing body
  • individual board member interests
  • governing body members who have resigned in the last 12 months
  • governing body attendance in the last academic year
  • how to contact the governing board

Governing Board Membership

Our governing body currently has 14 members and each governor serves a four-year term.

Representation Name Appointed (first appointed) End date Role
Co-opted Rosalind Poulter 21 March 2019 20 March 2026 Co Vice Chair
  Kerry Dibben 19 July 2021 18 July 2025  
  Richard Knight 24 January 2022 23 January 2026  
  Laura Croker 16 May 2022 15 May 2026  
  Jenna Mansbridge

20 March 2023 (18 January 2021)

19 March 2027  
  Tom Pullin 2nd October 2023 2nd October 2027  
Headteacher Jamie Dodson n/a n/a  
Local Authority Jackie Porter 18 March 2024 (9 March 2015) 17 March 2028  
Parents Caroline Horne 30 March 2021 29 March 2025 Chair
  Phil Jackson 10 June 2022 10 June 2026  
  Matthew Barnard 17 April 2023 16 April 2027  
Staff Elizabeth Eggleston 18 March 2024 (29 April 2019) 17 March 2028  
Associate Member Samuel Saizi 10 July 2023 9 January 2025  

*An associate member is not a Governor but is appointed to help the governing body fulfil its duties and responsibilities. An associate member does not have voting rights at full governing board meetings. 

Individual Board Member Interests

Board members are required to declare relevant business and pecuniary interests. These are set out in the table below.

Name Interests
Tessa Atton Also Governor at Federation of John Keble and Ampfield
Rosalind Poulter  
Kerry Dibben Employee at University of Winchester
Richard Knight  
Laura Croker  
Jamie Dodson Employee
Cllr Jackie Porter WDCC Councillor, HCC Councillor, The Watercress Way Trustee & Chair, Perins Educational Trust Trustee, Tubbs Hall Management Committee Trustee, Royal Horticultural Society - Spouse is Trustee
Caroline Horne  
Jenna Mansbridge KWPS PTFA Trustee
Phil Jackson KWPS PTFA - Wife is co-treasurer of PTFA
Elizabeth Eggleston Employee
Matthew Barnard  

The following governors have resigned/left in the last 12 months:

Representation Name Appointed (first appointed) Date resigned/left Role
Co-opted Tessa Atton 9 March 2015 8 March 2024 Co Vice Chair
Associate Member* Helen Morgan 21 March 2022 15 May 2023  
Co-opted Ian Gordon 9 March 2015 8 March 2023  

Governor attendance in previous academic year

Please click on the link below for the governing board's attendance record in the last academic year.

Contact the Governing Board

The Clerk to the Governors is Christopher Tee.  If you wish to contact the Clerk or the Chair of Governors, please do so in writing (marking the envelope Private & Confidential) via our school office or email, to request contact details.