Y5 Summer 1 2018

Y5 Summer 1 2018

Topic 5: The Maya          

For the first part of the summer term, we’ll be focusing on history through our topic on ‘The Maya’ and trying to answer some of these questions:

• Who were the Maya? When and where did they live?
• What was everyday life like for the Maya?
• What did the Maya believe?
• What was happening in Britain during the same period?
• Was life better for the Maya or the Anglo Saxons?
• What happened to the Maya?

Our entry point is on Monday 16 April and the children will need to bring a piece of thin cardboard (e.g. from a cereal packet - carry on being an Eco-Hero!) and some newspaper.

Poetry - we'll be reading and performing some classic poetry and identifying different parts of speech. Recounts - Perspective - We’ll begin by reading diary extracts and identifying the features of recount text, then we’ll be using these skills to write diary entries from different points of view and for different audiences.  We’ll also be learning how to use formal and informal language and to use a wider range of punctuation marks.  

Calculation:  Tables facts - knowing all tables facts to 12 x 12 from memory and using these to work out division facts e.g. if 7x8=56, then 56÷8=7. Geometry – identifying and using the properties of 2D and 3D shapes. Reflecting and translating shapes.  Fractions – comparing, ordering and calculating with fractions.   Counting, reading, writing and ordering numbers to at least 1,000,000, identifying number sequences including decimals and negative numbers.  Statistics – interpreting information presented in graphs and tables.  Measurement – converting between different units of measure.

IT: We have IT twice a week and also have access to laptops in class during the mornings. We'll be learning how to hyperlink information and using this in presentations of our research on the Maya before moving on to create multiplication games using Scratch.

PE:  5B - Tuesday and Friday, 5K - Thursday and Friday.  We'll be continuing with the Golden Mile so please have full kit including trainers available in school at all times so we can make the most of dry weather!

Science - Lifecycles of animals and plants

Home Learning: There is no set home learning for this topic.