Y3 Spring 2 2018

Y3 Spring 2 2018

Spring 2 - 2018      Topic 4:  Water Worlds    

Our topic this half term is ‘Water’. The children will be learning about the uses of water and the importance of saving it. They will learn about the Water Cycle and about the features and locations of rivers using maps.   The children will complete a water challenge where in groups, they have to use a range of different materials to try and clean a bucket of muddy water as best they can!

English – We will begin the term looking at Explanation texts. We will be reading the text ‘Until I met Dudley’ and looking at the features needed when writing a written explanation. The children will use these skills to write a detailed explanation of the Water Cycle. Following Explanation texts, the children will revisit skills learnt last term and will plan, draft and write a story in 1st person about ‘ A day in the life of a water droplet’.

Maths – We will start by focusing on division using different models to explain the calculations.  Children will then move on to more formal methods of recording their work. We will then progress on to looking again at fractions, geometry and statistics.

Geography – The children will be learning about the Water Cycle and will be making their own mini water cycle in a bag. Keep an eye out for these on our classroom windows! The children will also use maps to learn about the location of rivers and about their features. We also have a trip planned to the River Hamble, where we will stop at different points and look at the geographical features.

PE – The children will be doing Tag Rugby and Gymnastics this half term.

Art – The children will be looking at the work of Monet and David Hockney and using watercolours to re-create their own work using these styles.

SMSC/British Values – Children will be learning about their place in the wider community.

RE – This half term the children will be learning about the significance of ‘Water’ in the bible and how rivers are used in religious customs. They will also learn about Lent and the Easter story.

Music – The children will be using a range of instruments to create water sounds. They will learn about pitch, tempo and texture.

Computing – This half term the children will be using a program called Email Detectives. Children will also use Stop/Go animation to create an animation of the Water Cycle.