World Book Day

World Book Day

World Book Day 2018

 WBD 2018 was somewhat delayed by snow but we finally made into our book character costumes by the end of term.  Have a look in the main photo gallery for more of our amazing costumes!

YR and KS1 pupils worked with visiting author Sean Taylor in the autumn term and children in KS2 will be taking part in workshops with author Megan Rix which have been rescheduled for Friday 13 July.


World Book Day 2017

 Angela McAllister stayed with us for the whole day taking storytelling and interactive workshops with each year group.

KS1 children enjoyed the retelling of one of Angela’s books, ‘Yuk that’s not a monster’ and KS2 children took part in a number of activities discovering how to start a story with their ‘story toolboxes’.


Angela hopes to have inspired children to write more and to have encouraged their future story writing – she also mentioned how it is “the best world book day she has ever been to!’”

Looking for ideas for what to read next?  Have a look on the World Book Day site for some suggestions. 

Looking for ideas for World Book Day costumes?  Click for some no-sew ideas or step-by-step costume guides.