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Letters are emailed home via Parentmail. If you're not currently subscribed, the completed signup form can be printed and returned or emailed to the school office.  Newsletters and letters sent to the whole school are published on this page in PDF - click to download free PDF reader softwareLetters sent to a class / year group and PTFA letters can be found via the left-hand menu. Copies of Fortnightly Focus curriculum letters are published in the relevant Year Group menu. 

Autumn 2017

Spring 2018


Henry Beaufort Open Days Y5/6 CAMHS event
Worthys Festival - Fun Run Rock Challenge costume request  
Dog Show YR maths meeting  
Produce Show ParentMail upgrade  
Clubs & reply slip Rock Challenge cake sale  
Maths Meetings    
Newsletter 1 - 22.9.17    
Parents Evening booking    
Booking instructions    
Newsletter 2 - 3.10.17    
Walktober letter    
Basil template    
Basil selfie competition    
NSPCC assembly & reply slip    
Parent Governor election    
Pumpkin Walk    
Parent Governor letter    
Newsletter 3 - 18.10.17    
School term dates 2017/18    
HCT half-term activities    
Children in Need    
Newsletter 4 - 7.11.17    
Parent Voice Leaflet    
Aladdin letter & reply slip    
Operation Encompass letter    
Advent Calendar letter    
Newsletter 5 - 30.11.17    
Christmas Lunch    
ParentMail upgrade    
Child Safety Message    
Carols Sing-a-long    
St Mary's KW Nativity    
Newsletter 6 - 20.12.17