Grow £1 Challenge

Grow £1 Challenge

To help make our grounds more accessible to the children all-year round, we’d now like to add an outdoor classroom to provide a working base for activities in the Woodland Walk.  In addition to all the current opportunities, a fully-enclosed classroom would also enable classes to spend a whole day based in the grounds.

We estimate that this project will cost in the region of £30,000 and have already begun applying for grants but will also need to raise a large part of the funds ourselves.  For Phase 1, we need approximately £17,000 for a cedar classroom and base, with a renewable energy pack, rainwater collection, electricity and a toilet to be added as funding is available. To start off our fundraising, we’ll be holding the Grow £1 Challenge during February.  Some of our older children may have taken part in this challenge when they were in Year R, but this’ll be our first as a whole school and we hope it’ll be an enjoyable way to raise some of the funds we need.

How does it work?

The PTFA have kindly agreed to loan £1 to every child who wants to take part.  The £1 coins will be distributed on Friday 1 February and there's 28 days to generate as much income as possible before returning the £1 and the profits on 28 February.   During the 28 days, the children can use the £1 and anything else they already own to generate profit, which can be reinvested to generate more income. Funds can be raised individually or children may join together to fundraise then split the profit. 

Some fundraising ideas:

  • Baking - sell to friends and relatives
  • Creating, making and upcycling - what would others like to buy?
  • Helping - anything age-appropriate, safe and useful!
  • Growing - seeds into plants
  • Recycling – have a bedroom clearout and sell toys, books, DVDs or anything owned that’s no longer needed 
  • Sponsoring - choose a challenge and get sponsors (download a sponsorship form here)
  • Gaming - charge others an entry fee to play in a competition – electronic or not!


If you'd like to make a donation instead of fundraising, we'd be most grateful.  Cheques can be made payable to Kings Worthy School PTFA. If you're a taxpayer, the PTFA can reclaim 25p from HMRC through Gift Aid for every pound you donate - a Gift Aid form can be downloaded here or the school office can supply a printed copy.  We'd also love to hear from you if you have access to match-funding through your employer.

Key dates: 

Tuesday 29 January - return reply slip to take part

Friday 1 February - £1 coins distributed, Grow £1 Challenge begins

Thursday 28 February - deadline for returning £1 loan & profits