Osmington Bay

Osmington Bay

Osmington Bay 2018


Y6 enjoyed their stop at Moors Valley Country Park - apart from Miss Brash breaking her favourite flip flops - and arrived safely at Osmington at 3:30 pm. They were all happy with their rooms and enjoyed fish and chips for tea followed by doughnuts. We were booked in for breakfast at 7:10 but have swapped to 8:30, much more civilised! The evening activity was "capture the flag" and there was a refreshing breeze from the coast which kept the children cool. Fin J's room were awake first at 6:15 this morning - but then it is his birthday!


The children are all still having a good time. Ethan and Fin J had a great birthday, the staff filled their rooms with banners and balloons.  Finn K told Miss Brash " I just had the most delicious lunch."  Children needing a break from the weather played Bananagrams.  Mr Ewins said they had the best problem solving sessions in the six years he had been there.  Last night, after dinner of spaghetti bolognese or pork casserole, some children chose to watch the England match. They were all asleep by 11pm.